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The one sustainable competitive advantage that is largely untapped in American business is teamwork.  When executive groups function as a team, all kinds of good results occur.  Morale of the team members improves, which leads to better morale cascading down through the organization, which leads to higher levels of performance and higher retentionInnovation, the Holy Grail of business today, is enhanced greatly by teamwork.  Accountability, that ever-elusive objective that the overwhelming majority of businesses struggle with, becomes much easier because the team assumes the majority of the burden of enforcement.  Communication is greatly enhanced.  Finally, better results are achieved.  Organizational goals, which by definition are collective in nature, are far more easily achieved when pursued by collective team efforts.  More revenue, higher margins, more profit, higher enterprise value, happier employees, and lower turnover.

Why, then, is executive team building not pursued by more companies.  First, it’s hard to measure.  Second, it’s hard to achieve.  It can’t be bought.  It has to be earned through courage, discipline, and emotional investment.

But the power of teamwork is indisputable.  When people set aside their own individual needs for the collective good, they can accomplish what seemed impossible, and all other things in less time and at a lower cost.

Team building, though, must be done in context.  The Chicago Bulls in their heyday did not learn teamwork in an executive board room.  They learned it in the context of where they had to succeed – the basketball court.  Similarly, executive teams can’t learn effective team work hanging from ropes or playing softball.  They have to learn it in the context of their arena – the executive offices. 

Our firm offers an extraordinarily powerful team building program for executive teams.  It culminates in a day-and-a-half workshop where the team comes together and learns about the structure of, and begins to establish, powerful teamwork that operates very quickly to bring about a lasting competitive advantage.  Give us a call at (800) 689-7941 to learn more about our program. 

I love the simplicity of this summary of the 5 critical team members for business success: the leader, the expert, the financial guru, the strategist, and  the executer.  The best leadership is always about simplifying!

Google does a lot of things right.  One of them is making sure its team members are happy.  It’s not just a platitude there, it’s a a very real strategic and tactical objective of its leadership.  And they know it pays off in spades.    

As Pat Lencioni, author of Five Dysfunctions of a Team, says, a well functioning team is the single-most powerful competitive advantage a company have.  And yet the overwhelming majority of CEOs only pay lip service to the whole thing.  They either don’t believe it, which is simply ignorant, or they see the challenge of executive team building as too great.  Traversi Capital Advisors works with executive teams across industries and the U.S. to increase their strength and functionality. Not in unproductive ropes courses and the like, where the context is completely incongruous with the executive suite. As our group often says, “The Chicago Bulls in their heyday didn’t develop their basketball teamwork in the executive offices of a company. They did it on the court. Likewise, executives shouldn’t do it on a basketball court. It just doesn’t work. Executives should do it in the executive environment.” Traversi Capital Advisors has a one-and-a-half day program that produces quantum improvements in the results most valued by its clients.

In my book, The Source of Leadership: Eight Drivers of the High-Impact Leader, I described personal responsibility as one of the eight essential drivers – deep personal energies – of the high-impact leader.  Add to that driver its close cousin – vulnerability – and you’ve got the ingredients of a leader that will thoroughly engage his or her team.  Check out this Inc. magazine article.  Awesome for executive team building!  

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David M. Traversi, TCA’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “We are excited to announce the launch of our new website, a dynamic, WordPress-driven site that will allow us to easily and continuously add valuable content that will assist our clients and prospective clients in building their enterprise value and optimizing their capital market transactions. We’ll also be tweeting this content, and invite people to follow us on Twitter at @Traversi Capital.”

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