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According to this, most serial entrepreneurs display persuasion, leadership, personal accountability, goal orientation, and interpersonal skills.  But, there are four distinct skills lacking in most serial entrepreneurs: empathy, planning and organizing, self-management, and analytical problem solving.  Given they are critical to success of an organization, it seems advisable for investors to keep an eye open for these leadership deficiencies and have a plan for filling them.

Remember the days of 120-page private placements memorandums, 60-slide PowerPoint decks, and 90-minute investor presentations?  That was way back like, what, five years ago?  Actually longer than that, but the point is that today is a whole new world.  If you have something to sell, you have to communicate it in five minutes.  Sure, if you can initially hook a prospective investor, you’ll get a longer time with him or her down the line, but if you can’t set the hook in five minutes when you first have the opportunity, you are history, at least with that investor.  The “elevator pitch” that used to be confined to venture capital is now de rigueur virtually everywhere.  Investors simply don’t have time for anything else.  And even if they have the time, they demand simplicity in the business or at least that you have the ability to express it simply.  Here is a good guideline for your pitch.

I’ve had countless people ask me, after telling them that their start-up, or even later stage company, needed friends and family money, “Okay, excellent, can you introduce us to your friends and family?”  ”Sorry, dude,” I tell them, “it’s YOUR friends and family.”  Here’s some advice on going that route.

Click herehere, here, here, and here  for good overviews of some of the top start-up incubators and accelerators.

Even if money is available, there are good lessons in this piece for start-ups and even later stage companies.

The idea with the JOBS Act of 2012 was to have mechanisms in place for implementation of its various provisions by January 1, 2013.  Didn’t happen.  So crowdfunding enthusiasts are descending on the Capitol in an effort to push things along.  While I’m lukewarm, so far anyway, about the whole practical effect of the crowdfunding provisions, one provision of the JOBS Act I am following with interest is the one that waives the prohibition against general solicitations in Reg D private placements, provided the transaction is ultimately closed with accredited investors.    

Good advice here for seed capital and angel financing for start-ups.  And the most prescient is the advice re numbers.  Raising money is rarely easy and the best attitude to have is that it’ll take 100 “nos” for every “yes.”  And you just plug away knowing that every “no” is getting you closer to the “yes.”  In essence, every “no” represents progress…a victory of sorts.  In my experience over the years of raising $6 billion, a good story can always find investors to back it and persistence always wins. Always.  A bad story is another story…   

Avoiding Undue Diligence: My Strange Approach To Angel Investing


Traversi Assists with Platform Launch and Serves as Advisory Board Member

San Francisco, CA, August 15, 2012 –David M. Traversi, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Traversi & Company, LLC (an industry-leading executive advisory firm) and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Traversi Capital Advisors, LLC (a FINRA-licensed investment bank) announced the completion of the launch of Karlin Ventures (, based in Los Angeles, CA.  Traversi & Company developed the early-stage investment platform for Karlin Asset Management, a Los-Angeles-based private investment firm managing over $1.4 billion of unleveraged capital, and managed the search process that resulted in the hiring of TX Zhuo as Partner to lead the platform.  Mr. Traversi was also named as Advisory Board Member of Karlin Ventures.

 Karlin Ventures seeks to invest $100,000 to $1 million per investment primarily in education  technology, digital media, healthcare IT, and financial services, but considers opportunities outside those sectors as well.

 Mr. Traversi said, “Our work in launching Karlin Ventures was immensely satisfying.  We are excited with the launch, and I am excited about the opportunity to assist TX Zhuo on an on-going basis given the unique advantages the platform offers to entrepreneurs.  First, we can act very quickly.  Second, we invest with the mindset of a partner, offering support and resources long after initial funding.  Finally, through our sponsorship by Karlin Asset Management, we have a broad and deep network in the investment and operating communities and are enthusiastic about sharing our network with the companies in which we invest.  Karlin Asset Management also sponsors 20 Million Minds Foundation, a nonprofit foundation headed up by former California Senate Majority Leader Dean Florez, with a mission of supporting the creation, sharing, and proliferation of effective, affordable, and quality textbook content, embracing disruptive technologies, open educational resources, and new higher education models that bring together for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental entities.  This relationship provides us a huge head start in the education technology and digital media sectors, in particular.”

 About Traversi Capital Advisors, LLC

 Traversi Capital Advisors, LLC, the investment banking arm of Traversi & Company, LLC, founded in 1999, is an investment banking and executive advisory firm specializing in private placements of equity and debt, merger and acquisition advisory, restructurings, and executive advisory (strategic advisory, strategic execution, executive coaching, and executive team building) for companies with revenues between $5 million and $500 million.  The Company maintains corporate offices in San Francisco, CA.  Its phone number is (800) 689-7941.  Its website is located at

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