Restructurings: Corporate Restructurings



Traversi Capital Advisors, with its deep and sophisticated corporate finance experience, advises companies in situations requiring the reorganizing of their legal, ownership, operational, or capital structures for the purpose of making them better able to meet their current needs (e.g., increasing profitability, realigning incentives of stakeholders, and sometimes just surviving as an entity). We work closely with our clients to:

  • Identify their objectives
  • Assess all dimensions of the current situation, working as appropriate with our clients’ executive team, attorneys, accountants, investors, and shareholders
  • Identify and analyze strategies for achieving the objectives, given their situation
  • Create a process for executing the strategy with minimal business disruption
  • Execute the process with focus, urgency, and breadth of market coverage
  • Execute the process with utmost transparency, ensuring that our client is informed of progress in a timely and concise manner
  • Close the transaction cleanly and expeditiously

Some situations – generally where there is insufficient liquidity or negotiations with creditors are unsuccessful – require a court-governed solution. In other cases, an out-of-court solution is possible. Traversi Capital Advisors has the expertise and experience to identify and assess the many advantages and disadvantages of each route, make a recommendation that best meets the client’s objectives, and execute the strategy.


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