High-Impact Leadership: Don’t Pee on Everything

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High-Impact Leadership: Don't Pee on Everything

Marshall Goldsmith, the legendary executive coach and leadership expert, talks about the leader who always has to add a little of his or her own ingenuity or twist to ideas generated by his or her direct reports. The problem is that while the leader may have improved the report’s idea by 5%, he or she has reduced the report’s commitment to executing it by 50% by stripping him or her of ownership of it. He calls it the “fallacy of added value” and it really rings true. I have seen this in operation many, many times…the leader who has to pee on an idea to make it his or her own, just like a dog would do in new territory, only to discover that his or her pee strips the original proprietor of any enthusiasm for playing in the new territory. Leaders, many times, more than you think, it is good to shut up and let your people gallop.

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