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Executive Advisory

Executive Advisory

Traversi Capital Advisors provides chief executives, their boards of directors, and financial sponsors in a wide variety of industries with comprehensive executive advisory services.

Strategic Planning

In our role as strategic advisor, Traversi Capital Advisors uses its proprietary and highly insightful 360 Organizational Assessment to define the current status of its client companies and their owners.  It then works with its clients to develop a cohesive plan – a detailed, milestone-based program – that integrates the organization’s goals, values, policies, and resources, as well as relevant conditions in the external environment. These engagements typically involve (i) gathering relevant data from the client and external sources; (ii) a several-hour to several-day session of strategic planning with the client’s top executives; and (iii) assisting with the strategy execution phase. Our experience and capabilities extend across most market domains and internal functions, including business and market analyses, business planning, organizational structuring, sales, marketing, strategic alliances, operations, accounting, finance, human resources, and capitalization.

Strategic Execution

Traversi Capital Advisors is a certified implementation consultant for what it considers to be the best business execution and management software product in existence.    Backed by a legendary corporate leader, this software-as-a-service cascades the culture and organizational objectives set by senior leadership down to the last employee, through cultural and performance requirements that are easily monitored by leaders and employees.  Bottom line: employees become and remain engaged and the organization’s objectives are met.  It is literally the “missing link” in business management.  It makes accountability-based execution, the most challenging element of executive leadership, a “no-brainer.”  Extraordinarily customizable, user-friendly, and affordable, the product is being launched within hundreds of companies across the globe.  Requiring no integration with a company’s enterprise system(s), it is easily implemented and stands separate from existing systems, purely focused on accountability-based execution.

Executive Coaching

As an executive coach, Traversi Capital Advisors’ founder, an accomplished leadership expert, author, and coach, works with individual chief executives on a one-on-one, highly confidential basis to develop the individual’s leadership effectiveness. Based on mutual trust that is developed through thoughtful inquiry, candid expression, and empathic listening, his executive coaching provides the client with a sounding board, confidante, champion, critic, and mirror. These engagements typically involve (i) Traversi Capital Advisors’ proprietary and highly insightful 360 Leadership Assessment, based on interviews with and data provided by the client and those closest to the client; (ii) the establishment of objectives; (iii) regular in-person or telephonic coaching sessions with the client; and (iv) progress monitoring.

Executive Team Building

Recognizing that operating executives must bind as a tightly-knit team to optimize organizational performance, Traversi Capital Advisors works with executive teams across industries and the U.S. to increase their strength and functionality. Not in unproductive ropes courses and the like, where the context is completely incongruous with the executive suite. As our group often says, “The Chicago Bulls in their heyday didn’t develop their basketball teamwork in the executive offices of a company. They did it on the court. Likewise, executives shouldn’t do it on a basketball court. It just doesn’t work. Executives should do it in the executive environment.” Traversi Capital Advisors has a one-and-a-half day program that produces quantum improvements in the results most valued by its clients.

Traversi Capital Advisors provides its strategic advisory services to companies and executives in nearly all industries.

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