Because of the short charge-life of the iPhone battery and my need/preference to use all capabilities of the device at all times, I cannot make it through a day on my iPhone 5 without a charge.  With the 4S and 4 before it, I used a combo case/battery pack that doubled the charge of the phone and I was fine for a long day without a charge.  I liked Boostcase because you could easily pull the battery part of the case off if you didn’t need it and you still had a stylish protective case in place.  Phonesuit and Mophie also had nice products, but the case and battery could not be separated.  Because of the new lightning connector in the 5, and the fact that Apple has been resistant to sharing details about the technology, it has taken seemingly forever for the makers of combo case/battery products to launch their solutions.  Boostcase and Phonesuit have released nothing, and show no indication that they ever will.  But Mophie has a couple combo products that look pretty good.  I’ve ordered the Mophie Juice Pack Air and can’t wait for its arrival.  In the meantime, I use an external battery pack and plug that into my 5 when I know I won’t be near an outlet for a long time.

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