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We have all been lulled into the comfort of structuring presentations with PowerPoint, and I sometimes think we don’t realize that they are in turn lulling our audiences to sleep.  Lately, I have been using Prezi and having a ball with it.  It’s a lot more fun and much easier to use as a production tool, and audiences love the lively delivery.  If you combine this with The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, I guarantee you will enjoy preparing presentations more than every before and, more importantly, you’ll have more impact than you every dreamed.

Want to turn your iPhone into a scanner that delivers fax-like (actually better) quality?  I’ve tried a number of the iPhone scanners and highly recommend JotNot Scanner Pro as the best.

Pulse seems to be the most talked-about personalized news aggregator for iPads and iPhones, and I use it, but I am totally down with Zite, which is more personalized and a better aggregator than Pulse.  I go to it several times a day.

After researching scores of “best of” and “top” reviews, I’ve tried at least 10 (seriously!) note taking apps for the iPad, and found Notability to be – hands down – the best in all respects.  I have just about transitioned to pure digital note taking. 

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